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Sunday, September 24, 2017

now ! you can watch any movies you have rented through iTunes for a full 48 hours

Apple has finally realized that some people may need more than 24 hours to watch a movie. Or that they may want to watch a movie more than once after renting it. So, with that in mind, you can now watch any movies you have rented through iTunes for a full 48 hours after you first click “Play”.
While streaming subscription services such as Netflix and Hulu are in the ascendancy, you can still buy or rent movies from iTunes. Especially if you’re seeking out the newer releases. And Apple has made a small but welcome change to make iTunes movie rentals better value for money.

You Have 48 Hours Starting Now!

Apple has extended the window you have to watch an iTunes movie rental from 24 hours to 48 hours. You still have 30 days to actually start watching said movie, but even after you have hit “Play” you now have 48 hours to watch it in full. Or, if you have kids, watch it again and again and again
The 48-hour window appears to have been available in countries other than the U.S. for some time. However, Apple has now quietly updated the “About renting movies from the iTunes store” support page to signal that the extended window has finally been expanded to include the United States.
Movies can be rented through iTunes using an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, Mac, or PC. You can delay watching your movie rental by selecting either “Not Now” or “Watch Later” depending on your device. You can also download an iTunes movie rental, but only to one device at a time.

iTunes Movie Rentals vs. Netflix

This may only be a small change to the way iTunes movie rentals work, but it’s a welcome one. Doubling the amount of time you have to watch a movie makes rentals a more attractive option. However, it’s still an expensive way of watching movies when you can get a whole month of Netflix for the price of two iTunes movie rentals. And there are lots of great movies to watch on Netflix.

Do you ever buy or rent movies through iTunes? If so, what makes you choose iTunes over the other platforms available? Have you ever lost access to a rented movie before you have finished watching it? Do you welcome the new 48-hour window? The comments are open below…

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